William Weaver Wine's vision was to create an authentic wine that would capture the spirit and sophisticated palate of a new era of wine drinkers. This diverse collection of red and white wines is an adventurous alternative to the traditional wine maker's story. Our wines deliver memorable layers of subtle flavors and creative artistry in each bottle.

Between the Columbia River and the Saddle Mountains in Washington lies the Wahluke Slope, an area known for its production of red grape varieties. Wahluke Slope, nestled within the Columbia Valley AVA (American Viticultural Area), may hold some of the most untapped grape varietals' potential. It is within the fragrant vineyards in this valley that we discovered the grapes for our wines.

William Weaver Wine will satisfy the adventurous quest to find the perfect bottle. The artists we chose to portray our series of wine convey the same passion for authenticity in their exquisitely detailed drawings as the producers of our wines do in their varietal creations.

Let William Weaver Wine excite the artist inside of you and dance across your palate to transform flavors into experiences that will reward your soul. After discovering our wines, don’t be surprised if you get that same feeling as you would when you find the perfect dress.

This Riesling is made in a refreshing off dry style with aromas of peach, honeysuckle and a hint of citrus. This wine has a well-balanced minerality and a crisp clean finish.
This Rosé is made in a refreshing dry style with flavors of strawberries, ample fruit, and spice aromas. This wine has a well-balanced minerality finish.